The ‘dress’ shape appears as metaphor for myself and the politics of the female body, as I play with sewing, fabrication, costume and craft. It also reflects 20 years spent in a studio that was a former textile mill, manufacturing women’s haut-couture clothing and lingerie. Constructed from recycled bottles and stained glass pieces, these suspended jewel-like, shimmery concoctions also correspond to the fractured landscape of my own particular ocular disability. The transparent materials engage the viewer not only to look at the object itself, but through the entirety of its assembled pieces, like a magnifying glass.

A secondary optical effect occurs when a direct light source causes shadows, (reflected by the hard, sharp-edged shapes), to resemble the soft, light forms of lace, knitting or crochet, ephemerally tattooing wall or floor surfaces…. again, a reference to the blurry, distorted images that are my visual world.